Shower Steamers are A Therapeutic Hit!

Shower Steamers are A Therapeutic Hit!

One of the best selling products that we've had in the shop and online the last couple of months has been the SHOWER STEAMER. For those of you who haven't tried this product before it is a sensory, aromatic inhalation product that you use in the shower. You place the Steamer on your shower floor and when the warm water hits the product it disintegrates allowing the essential oils to travel in the steam and create a home 'steam room'.

Each steamer has a different blend of essential oils to create unique therapeutic benefits to the body and mind.

So many of our customers don't have time to bath or simply only have a shower at home so we wanted to create a special product that our customers could use to have that essential 'me time' in the shower.

Take a look at the different aromatherapy blends that we have to offer in our Shower Steamer range.


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