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London Skincare

Just arrived back home from a weekend in the 'Big Smoke' aka London! I was there for a skincare course and was taught by the fabulous Sally Hornsey who is an expert in perfume making. I made facial cleansers, facial oil, toners, serums, gels, body butters and moisturisers….what an amazing course! Loved every second of it and since it finished I have been creatively making new formulas and blends for a potential skincare range. 
I always love visiting London, it has so many independent perfume boutiques and apothecaries that inspire me so much. I'm completely in love with Aromatherapy Associates at the moment. I'm obsessed with aromatherapy and the therapeutic benefits that it can give us in body, skin and mind! The woody blends are my favourite (think Clary Sage, Patchouli etc). 
Our soy wax candles contain aromatherapy oils that will provide you with a clean burning flame and therapeutic benefits.