Photoshoot at Holm House, Penarth

We have recently been working with a fabulous team of students completing their masters in media and marketing. One of the team members, Max is someone that I used to work with when I was a beauty therapist so it was fantastic to work with him again on something so exciting. We decided to shoot a moving image campaign for Miss Patisserie so we could use this media on our social media sites, website etc. The venue was Holm House hotel in Penarth which is a stunning boutique hotel overlooking the channel.

The model we used was another person that I used to work with, the gorgeous Naomi who looked amazing in front of the camera. It was her first photo shoot so she was a bit anxious at first but she had nothing to worry about she looked so great!

Check out this short clip of a Bath Milk close up...The other videos will be popping up soon......


Thank you Max and team for all of your help I had so much fun and I think we did a very good job if I say so myself! xx

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