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Face Masks are available now!

We are so excited to launch our skincare range as we have been formulating it for the last year to provide you with a beneficial product range that feels and smells wonderful. The face masks are a dry powder product that you mix with water, juice, maple syrup or whatever liquid you is most suited for your skin type. They are made with 100% natural ingredients including clays, muds, essential oils and oats.

There is a mask for every skin type..we suggest the following:

Sensitive skin/Eczema/Red: Pink Clay Mask

Oily/Normal Skin: Mineral Mud Mask

Dry/Normal: Walnut Stone Mask

We suggest that you use our masks twice weekly after cleansing the skin. Follow the mask with a serum and facial moisturiser for maximum benefits. We are currently working on more Miss Patisserie Facial care products and are pleased to say our Facial Oils will be available in June this year! Yippee!