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5 steps to create the perfect Autumnal bath

Okay… so I might be *slightly* obsessed with Autumn. But amongst the auburn leaves, chai tea’s and warming recipes, what’s not to love?

Sad that summer has come to an end? You shouldn’t be! I have curated the perfect Autumnal bath checklist so that you can treat yourself to a super cosy pamper sesh. Are you ready?

1. First things first, you’re gonna want to grab your fave bath bomb or slab. My recommendation? A big box of Tea and Cake. Our tea and cake duo is the perfect autumnal base to really get those bath scents and colours on point. What’s better? They’re vegan! So you really can have your cake and eat it! Well…don’t actually eat it...

2. Next up... FAIRY LIGHTS!! Anyone else get a little too excited about fairy lights? I mean, is it even possible to not like them? One of the most important steps to creating the perfect autumnal bath. You can purchase them literally anywhere, they’re not expensive and they look AMAZING everywhere! If you can, go for the ones with yellow and golden tones over silver or coloured.

3. Now it’s time to grab the perfect hot beverage… or if you’re not a fan, a fruity detoxing tea! Personally, a chai tea latte always does the trick but a pumpkin spice or just a plain tea will do! Minty hot chocs always work a treat, too! What’s your poison? (Hey, Halloween is just around the corner..)

4. A smooth, relaxing playlist cannot be a step that’s skipped. Especially if you have a loud and busy household. Pick something to really set that autumnal, dreamy, crackling fire kind of vibe. You’re aiming for something that transports you elsewhere whilst being in your own house. I recommend Kodaline, Walking on Cars and Passenger! You can leave your laptop playing on the side and create the perfect ambience by searching 'crackling fire videos' on YouTube too!

Step 5: Tealights. And lots of them. Definitely pumpkin spice scented if you can get your hands on them! Think of it as a shrine for yourself: the more tealights, the better and more appreciated you feel! I usually place these all around my bath but if you don’t have the space, you can put them on your windowsill, on any cabinets or simply, on the floor. Just make sure you don’t step on them getting out!

Steps 1-5 are all that you need to create the perfect Autumnal bath. But, if you want to really push the boat out, I have a few more ideas for you! 

6. How about investing in some deep green or burnt orange coloured towels for your bathroom? It’s all well and good creating the perfect bath, but the atmosphere needs to be on point too, right?

7. The perfect Autumnal bath is going to have you never wanting to leave! You know what that means... pruned hands and feet. A real life raisin. Wrinkle city. You get my flow. But fear not! For we have the perfect remedy. Our Monoi oil has had some stellar reviews on nourishing, healing and moisturising the skin. It can be used all over the body, including cuticles and hair - we do love a multi-use product! 

And that’s it! Time to take a break from your busy life and treat yourself to the perfect Autumnal bath. Get some fresh jammies at the ready and let us know how it goes!

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Lots of love to you all x