CBD Oil - What is it and why is everyone going crazy for it?

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We’re sure by now you’ve noticed the rise of CBD oil products floating around your Instagram. From gummies and brownies to skincare and cosmetics - you can get almost anything containing CBD as an ingredient now, but why?

What’s the craze all about and does it have any actual benefits? We’ve done our research and are going to tell you everything we’ve found about the hottest wellness product of the moment. 

What is CBD?

It’s full name Cannabidiol is a chemical compound that can be extracted from the cannabis plant. This is one of two of the main compounds found, the other being THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). The difference between the two is that CBD is non-psychoactive - aka, doesn’t get you high and THC is the part of the whole plant that would have you feeling funky. 

Is it legal?

Yes absolutely! Although CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis plant which is still widely illegal - as CBD oil contains no THC - the compound that gets you high, it has been legalised in the UK and USA in recent years.

What are its benefits?

Okay, so it’s cannabis but it doesn’t get you high. Then what does it do I hear you ask?

CBD Oil has been increasingly recognised for improving the physical effects of anxiety and depression, relieving pain & nausea, anti-inflammatory effects, working as an antioxidant, lowering blood pressure and long term cognitive stability.

Why is it being used in beauty products?

For the beauty industry, CBD has been infused into serums, bath potions and even mascara’s. Mostly the beauty industry is leaning on the anti-inflammatory properties of the oil to enhance their products.

CBD Oil skincare is being used to improve extreme skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis - as it is 100% plant based and natural it works for all skin types, no matter how sensitive. 

Are Miss Patisserie going to get involved?

We’ve watched the trend grow and been keeping an eye on any potential side effects of infusing our products with CBD oil, but the coast is clear! 

Although we don’t believe that this oil is going to cure anxiety or depression, we do believe that if it can offer you just an inch of space from emotional or physical pain to calm down and breathe it would be a worthwhile wellness tool to provide our beautiful customers with. 

We’ll be launching a selection of CBD infused products in the coming months - so stay tuned and prepare to find a new level of calm. 

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