How To Hygge Your Way Through The Last Of Winter

How To Hygge Your Way Through The Last Of Winter

By now you've certainly heard of the Danish cultural tradition that is Hygge (pronounce hue-gah) and how it governs almost everything they do to not only get them through winter but consistently be voted amongst the happiest people in the world! This year, Hygge took over the rest of the world because it's just so, well, hygge. For those of you who don't know,

For those of you who don't know, hygge is a concept that's difficult to translate directly because it encompasses so many aspects but it is fundamentally a feeling of coziness, and cake. There's always cake. That warm feeling you have as you snuggle by a fire under a blanket in thick socks with a warm drink in hand surrounded by those you love, that's hygge. It would be even more hygge if a storm was raging outside. And you had spent all day brewing your drink (if it was a type of mulled wine say, it's intoxicating smell filling the house only adding to the hyggeness). We read The Little Book Of Hygge and fell in love so have decided to round up the main points for you to

We read The Little Book Of Hygge back in November and fell in love with it so have finally got round to summarizing the main points for you to hygge your life too and get through the last of winter with a smile on your face!



cotton soy wax candle

Candles are fundamental to the hygge factor and Danes religiously burn copious amounts of candles in comparison to other countries. Fundamentally it comes down to lighting. 4 AM neon Tesco lights? Not hygge. Soft flickering (and flattering!) candlelight and low-lighting, very hygge. Make sure your candles are soy wax and naturally scented to avoid intoxicating your air!



cosy room

Warm blankets, socks, fluffy jumpers, crackling fires, fur rugs, reading nooks- these are hygge. Being comfortable and warm is definitely hygge. So is appreciating the simple things in life, create your safe space and bring on the gratitude. 




Simple times spent with family and friends are the most hygge. Hygge can be achieved alone as well but is appreciated most when shared. Time intensive activities, such as slow cooking all day or the contrast between an action packed day on the ski slopes followed by a content collapse in a large armchair, are even more hygge. Socializing in Denmark has been described as introverted extroversion, you're not totally alone but only with a select few of your nearest and dearest in a safe environment. Sounds lovely. Up the hygge factor by creating winter traditions to give you something to look forward to.




Spending just 30 minutes in nature has been proven to significantly lower stress and low Vitamin D levels are linked to depression and SAD. Nature is hygge by reminding us of the simpler, more important things in life. Plus, in winter time outdoors mean wrapping up cozily and results in rosy cheeks when reentering indoors, making us appreciate the warmth that little bit more.



walnut stone powdered face mask

You don't have to tell us to indulge twice! The Danish absolutely love cake and sweets and rank them highly in the hygge scale. If you don't have a sweet tooth find your treat equivalent. For us, it's a long pamper session finished with a hot bath. Our top picks include our purifying Powdered Face Masks, Face Elixirs, toning Jade Facial Roller (the ultimate prop for self-care), relaxing Jasmine Mineral Soak, hydrating Bath Shards, anti-cellulite Coffee Scrubs, moisturising Vanilla Bean Body Butter and super protective Mint Lip Balm!


What do you do to create a little hygge in your life?

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