Peak The Full Miss Patisserie X Boots Range!

Aaaaand we're finally live in Boots!!! You can now shop an exclusive range of our vegan skincare in 87 Boots' stores nationwide, find out which is your closest one here.

The Miss Patisserie X Boots full collection has been revamped to better reflect our style-savvy, eco-conscious customers that we love so much. So without further ado, here is an overview of the products:


miss patisserie bath balls

Our ever-popular detoxing Bath Balls are back with a few favourites and a few newbies amongst the scene too. Options include:

 - Colour fest, our super detoxing regular favourite.

- Ziggy, the most popular amongst our customers and best for putting a sparkling spring in your step!

- Twinkle, a yummy newcomer with hints of peony, pear and musk.

- Rainbow River, the psychedelic classic.

- Miami, a revisited version of a past edition, back by popular demand!

- Rosie, a new spin with therapeutic essential oils and rose petals for the prettiest bath.



 miss patisserie bath crumble

One of our staples, this reworked version of our Bath Crumble now comes in a standardized formula so you can have the excitement of a new bath experience every time but within the walls consistency. It's a win-win!



miss patisserie bath slab

A new Miss P invention, and totally exclusive to Boots for now, the Bath Slab is perfect for the meticulous woman who knows exactly just how much detoxing bath fizz she wants in her water. She may also have a penchant for chocolate...Available in Mango and Peony + Pear.



miss patisserie cupcake bath melt 

These delightful and super nourishing Cupcake Bath Melts are back with a vengeance! They come in beloved classics such as Rose, Vanilla Cream and Lavender.



miss patisserie sugar scrubs 

We've suited up our powerhouse Sugar Scrubs in slicker, larger packaging so you can now get more bang for your buck! The improved formula still contains all those skin-loving oils that are so good at hydrating your skin whilst the sugar buffs away. Our new favourite flavour is Coconut!



 miss patisserie coffee scrub

Ah Coffee Scrubs, what was our life like before you?! We can't imagine starting our day without that deliciously uplifting scent that lingers on our skin throughout the morning now. Plus, who can say no to a bit of cellulite-busting action! Go for Orange if you prefer your coffee with a little sweetness in it.



miss patisserie body souffle 

Our Body Soufflés now come in an even lighter, yet still just as hydrating, formula so you can use yours year-round! All our most popular scents, plus fresh newcomer Lotus Flower.



 miss patisserie gift box

These beauties are only available at Boots for now and are the perfect way to treat someone special! Or yourself...if you use the products regularly it only makes sense to save on them by buying the gift box version, right? They come in 3 varieties, one with just Bath Balls for the hardcore addict.


And there you have it, the full Miss Patisserie X Boots range, we'll keep updating the offering too so don't forget to check back. And tag us with your new #sundaysoak goodies for a chance to be featured on our Instagram

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