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An Easy Summer Detox

With temperatures rising and summer fast approaching, now is the perfect time to shed any remaining toxins and give your body a reboot in time for all those BBQs you'll soon be having! While a detox can last as long as you want, a recommended amount of time is generally 10 days.

 We love a good ol' detoxing practice and like to incorporate them into our daily routines as much as possible, but with the change in seasons now is a great time to give your immune system and lymph drainage a boost! Here are the top Spring detoxing tips:



Yoga is one of the best, and our personal favourite, ways of detoxing your body's internal organs and activating your lymph drainage system. Check out this detoxing sequence here. Try it daily and see how amazing you feel!



Bonus points for adding a splash of alkalizing Apple Cider Vinegar and anti-inflammatory turmeric. You can finish the day with detoxing dandelion root tea to support optimal liver function as well.



Take a 20-minute detoxing bath at least once a week or a trip to an infrared sauna if possible. Couple it with dry body brushing to turbo-charge toxin elimination and don't forget to share your #sundaysoak with us! Whenever you can, try to spend as much time working out in nature to lower your stress levels even more. Researchers in Japan have discovered that trees secrete an oil that boosts our immune system. Jog in the park anyone?



Meditation lowers blood pressure and inflammation-causing cortisol. Plus, just a few minutes each day will make a huge difference! Add in some breathing techniques to increase your oxygen intake and the effects, you'll feel like a new person!



Get enough shut-eye, and a good quality one. Keep your room dark and quiet, switch off electronics at least half an hour before you start winding down and keep the room cool. Aim for whatever is your optimal amount of time.



Increase your intake of organic fruit and veggies for a few days and your body will thank you! Check out our post on Superfoods for the best ones. If you like to follow meal plans, Mind Body Green have some great options.



Cut out sugars and alcohol, and limit caffeine and dairy intake to give your digestive system a break!


The internet is full of tips on detoxing practices so it's easy to get overwhelmed and give up, the most important thing is to pick a few steps you can stick to for at least 7 days so you give yourself enough time to see the difference!