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The Ultimate Summer Gift Guide: 2021 edition

The sun is shining, the days are getting longer and the evenings brighter. Freedom is on the horizon and we want to make sure the rest of your summer is full to the brim of self care and good vibes.

We missed out on some pretty awesome things last year: birthday parties, New Years gatherings…sleepovers!! But we’re determined to make the rest of the year just as amazing as it should be; we all deserve the ultimate pamper. We’ve put together a short guide to the summer 2021 must-haves that’ll make reuniting with loved ones, just that bit better!

Whether you’re in need of a hassle-free birthday prezzie or just want to fuel your online shopping addiction, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s get this show on the road!


For the ultimate birthday queen, for she cannot be without a morning pamper or evening wind-down on such an important day. Easy, hassle-free and equally gorgeous, the Birthday Girl Gift Box is the go-to. Filled with 3 aromatherapy bath bombs to help relax and unwind after all those birthday celebrations! The scents? Hibiscus, grapefruit (for a zingy morning wakeup call) and vanilla (bday cake vibes).

Speaking of birthday cake, why not try our very own vegan cake without the calories? The Birthday Cake Bath Slab makes for the perfect purchase for yourself or someone else!


We all have those friends or family members that just simply refuse to take a break! Always working and always running around. The worst part? They won’t take the time to run a relaxing bath and fill it with pretty colours. Our solution? Shower Steamers: aromatherapy for the shower! De-stress and Uplift are here to save the day, and they sound pretty good right? As the water hits the product, the steam becomes infused with essential oils to help calm, relax, destress or energise the body and mind, whether morning or night. These busy bees can thank you later.

de stress and uplift shower steamer aromatherapy essential oils


ALL HAIL THE SUPER MUM. These real life Wonder Women deserve to be treated too! From CBD Bath Fizzers* to our delicately scented and nourishing Bath Melt Bars, we have more than enough options for mum to take some time for herself and give back to her body and mind. Finding a spare, indulging moment can be tough as a parent, so we are here to make sure that moment is memorable and cherished. 

*Please consult with your doctor if you are still breastfeeding/ pregnant before using CBD products.

cbd bath bomb balinese ritual relax mindfullness


POV: It’s 6pm, you’re in the Caribbean and your sun-kissed bod is glowing all the way down to dinner. Anyone else been dreaming of hols?

For those who like to catch some rays, ride the waves and dodge the shade, keep your skin hydrated and packed full of essential vitamins with our nourishing Monoi body oil. Suitable for skin, hair and cuticles, this magical elixir is a daily staple and travel must-have! 

HAULT! PAUSE! This is your daily reminder to check on yourself as much as you check Instagram. Take a time out, run yourself a dreamy bath, make a hot chocolate, sing Beyonce in the shower, go for a walk, buy yourself some flowers. Y'know, the whole shabang.

Now, where were we?


No, we don’t want no scrub… unless... it’s the sugar kind?

We’re scrubbing away the bad vibes of 2020…. Bye girl! Give the gift of soft, smooth and silky skin with our Peony & Pear sugar scrub. This scrub is made with super moisturising Jojoba (phonetically: ho-ho-ba) Oil as well as Sweet Almond Oil. Both of these are rich in vitamin E, giving your skin a beautiful glow.

For the perfect gift duo, pair with our Monoi Oil. Your whole bod will be UNSTOPPABLE!


This is for the ones that think running water is sound proof. We see you (or rather, hear you). Spruce up their (or your!) shower experience with aromatherapy. Whether it's Happy orange essential oils, Sleepy lavender or Lovely jasmine, there's a steamer for every mood. And who knows, the oils might just improve their tone? Maybe?

Gone are the days of "they're just so difficult to buy for" - we have something for all! If you fancy a cheeky browse of our full collection, you can head to our website here.

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Lots of love to you all x