Wellness. Do You Buy It or Feel It?

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Wellness, Self Care, Mindfulness, Balanced Living - these are all hashtags you’ve likely seen floating through your social media feeds for years now. Although they started out with a pure, health conscious intention, to most they’ve become over saturated and undefined by advertising campaigns.

We’re going to take a look at what wellness means in its original form, when you strip away the products and trends that we have come to associate with it and how we can all thrive a little more.

To start with, let’s clear up ‘Wellness’s’ definition. The World Health Organization, defines it as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being”, which sounds right to us!

So, wellness can’t be achieved by each and every one of us getting 8 hours sleep a night, going to yoga five times a week and drinking a detox green juice before 7am as a lot of content has us believing. It’s more like baking a cake and different parts of your life are the ingredients. You don't need equal quantities of everything. Done right*, you’ll be enjoying a perfectly joyous life. Done wrong, things are going to feel tough.

*everyones right and wrong are different.

Now you’re all excited at the thought of life being like a yummy cake, let’s talk about ways to practise wellness trend and money free. Please do spend time getting curious about your very own recipe for a thriving life, and test a few before agreeing what perfect feels like for you! 

Pursue your passions

If you get a single little itch that something sounds like fun, try it. Don’t be concerned about hopping between jobs or hobbies. Life is for enjoying and what you gain from allowing yourself to do just that will outshine any pre-written rule of what is expected of you.

Set boundaries that work for you 

You’re allowed to say no. Need 2 nights a week away from your parents, partner or colleagues to reset and reconnect with yourself? Communicate that and do it. Go home from the party early, get home late - it’s your choice not theirs.

Learn to accept yourself no matter what

From time to time you’re not going to be 100%. Feelings of failure, sadness, inadequacy and frustration are all natural. The key thing to remember is these are fleeting moments. Learn something new about yourself, tweak the wellness recipe and grow. Whatever happens, you are still worthy of being happy again. 

Expand your horizons

Spend time connecting with people and ideas that guide you to new places. Fresh perspectives, creative techniques, meditation styles, different ways of communicating with the world. This is getting out of your comfort zone, keeping you energetically evolving rather than still and stagnant. 

Stand by what you believe in 

This is a matter of grounding yourself in integrity. Never compromise your health for the sake of bowing to others beliefs, opinions and rules.

It’s clear there’s no one size fits all version of wellness and at Miss Patisserie, we truly do believe in this wholehearted style of living. Yes, our products are a lovely treat added into rituals and self care routines - but we never want them to feel essential to achieving a best self / life.

We hope this blog has inspired you to look a little closer at how you’re currently practising wellness and where you might be able to make some positive changes. We’d love it if you shared your thoughts on social media to keep the conversation growing! 




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