What I will be doing this Mother’s day

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Mother’s day is approaching and as a mum of two boys, Seb who is four and Oscar, 15 months I am really hoping for a happy day with the family with a bit of time for myself thrown in!


My partner Nick has booked in lunch for us all with my  mum and her partner joining us to celebrate this day of being absolutely legendary! There will be prosecco and heaps of yummy food and I cannot wait.  Being a mum is nothing less than super hero level in my eyes. Nobody can prepare you for the role and to describe that utter exhaustion combined with pure joy is impossible. Speaking to friends and family, what we crave most is rest and some time for yourself, to feel like ‘yourself’ again.


When Seb was young, 7pm sleep time couldn't come sooner and I would really look forward to it some days. It sounds awful saying that but at times you just really want to sit in a bath and unwind. Being a mum it has made me value my self care time as it isn't just a peaceful moment, it’s also a ritual that makes me feel a little more like myself again. 


Every morning Nick and I wake up with the kids (and Vinny, our pug!) We all have breakfast together and then we tag team it in the shower. I like to use the Breathe or Happy Shower Steamer and the Peony Pear body scrub to kick start my blood circulation. A shower is a perfect way to start the day off with good intention. I think of what I am grateful for and practise some deep breathing for clarity.


Once out the shower I dry off and quickly moisturise with my most favourite Miss Patisserie product, Monoi Oil. It is such a simple formula but the oil is perfection. It is moisturising, non greasy and the scent is subtle but so pretty (think tropical botanicals). Oscar usually tries to open this bottle as he’s fascinated with tops at the moment! Keep out of reach of children! :)


My boys have always enjoyed the bath. I have friends whose children hate the bath and I wonder why that is; maybe they don't like the feeling of water on their skin? I remember getting so excited about sitting in the bath when I was a child, playing for most probably an hour at a time with the bubbles, creating tunnels and castles! Seb has a weekly bath bomb treat and he’s fascinated with the colour and foam. His favourite is Night Geode as he loves the dark blue colour. Oscar is a little young for our current range of bath bombs. I’m planning on creating a product designed for babies and expecting/new mums so watch this space. 


This Mother’s Day I plan on having a really special sunday evening soak in honour of myself. (You Go girl!) Every mum deserves this and I hope that you make time for it. I’m going to surround my bath in candlelight, add  some fresh flowers to the water, pour in a little monoi oil and add some chunks of the Me Time Bath Slab. On my bath board there will be a large glass of wine (with a few cubes of ice), Selling Sunset on the iPad (I’m still catching up on season 3!) and my wonderful partner on stand by! It’s once a year, so let's make the most of it!

Happy Mother’s Day xx

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