Miss Patisserie is proudly stocked in many retailers, from large international department stores to local independent businesses.

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I have always had a desire to create something - to nurture it and watch it grow. Like many young girls, I created potions in the garden with flowers, muddy water and leaves. The ritual of mixing and playing with ingredients brought me a huge sense of joy.

My interest in botanicals continued into my twenties, when I enrolled myself into a course in aromatherapy, from which I went on to work as an aromatherapist for a number of years.

Miss Patisserie was imagined during time spent on sick leave with a broken leg. I kept busy
by experimenting with cosmetic ingredients, formulas and aromatherapy blends. Having
sold my new products at craft fairs, the positive
feedback I received gave me confidence to approach independent gift shops. Not long later, I was opening accounts with national retailers. I will forever be thrilled that Miss Patisserie products are now sold and enjoyed internationally; in stores such as MACYs, Barnes & Noble, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters.

My goal now is the same as the girl in the garden - to experience joy every time I perfect a formula. I’m very lucky in loving what I do and to share the delight in beautifully considered products. More than ever, our self care time is precious. I hope you can enjoy yours, perhaps with a Miss Patisserie product or two.

Love, Charlotte