JADE facial roller

Used for centuries by Chinese nobility, Jade Facial Rollers have been cropping up in the world's best spas and beauticians for a number of years with their popularity being cemented more recently by celebrity make-up artists who attriute their customers' glowing skin to them. As Jade is naturally cool, it is excellent at draining and de-puffing underye bags and soothing skin redness. They help increase circulation which tones and firms the skin and helps with cell regeneration- it's like a gym for the face! When coupled with a lymph drainage technique they can help decongest the skin by detoxifying it.

Roll all over clean skin for a couple of minutes a day in the morning or night. To increase efficacy, apply a serum, treatment or moisturizer beforehand to help the ingredients penetrate deeper levels of the skin's epidermis, making them more effective- try it with our beautifying Face Elixirs for £25! For different techniques on using the Jade Facial Roller check out our blog post on them.

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